In an unfortunate incident, a 13-year old boy from Michigan has died after a sinus infection spread to his brain. The name of the boy is Marquel Brumley and his parents say that the doctors misdiagnosed their child’s illness. The disease that initially looked like a common cold, proved to be fatal in the end as the boy succumbed to death after too much mucus deposition in the brain.

Brumley’s aunt, Nicole Alexander said that Marquel was healthy and he had no health issues at all. When the eighth-grader started noticing cold symptoms, he went to an urgent care in Flint, Michigan. There, the doctor told him that he was suffering from a sinus infection and the illness would run its course. But Brumley kept on suffering from the cold symptoms for weeks and started complaining about severe headaches. He went to emergency room quite a few times but each time the doctors diagnosed him with a migraine and gave over-the-counter pain medication and sent him home.

But, last week, Brumley’s pain became so severe that he had to go to a local hospital and it was there only that doctors found out that the sinus infection has traveled to his brain and that has created multiple blood clots. Nicole Alexander said, “The doctor came in and said we — he has a sinus infection, it has penetrated through the bone into the blood vessels in the brain and we see some blood clots.” At that time, Marquel had lost muscle movement in the left side of his face and also his eye was swollen shut.

Marquel was taken to C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan for surgery. Although the infection was treated with surgery, the multiple blood clots made the teen suffer from multiple strokes and he finally died on March 11. Alexander confirmed about the boy’s death. “The doctors did everything they to reduce the pressure in his brain,” said Peggy Gilbert, another relative of Marquel. Alexander said, “I think it is very important to express how serious a sinus infection can be, not to take them lightly or to blow them off.”