CDC warns not to take your children to ‘chickenpox parties’

A recent Colorado story on 'chickenpox parties' prompted the CDC to remind parents that chickenpox is a highly contagious and sometimes fatal disease that is easily prevented by vaccination.

Over 2 million pounds of taquitos recalled across the country

Ruiz Food Products, Inc. recalls over 2 million pounds of ready-to-eat beef and chicken taquito products from distributors nationwide due to a potential Salmonella and Listeria outbreak.

MA set to vote on upholding transgender rights in November

A bill from 2016 that protects transgender individuals in the state of Massachusetts from discrimination in public spaces is being challenged by anti-transgender activists.

Lady Gaga delivers heartfelt call-to-action at Hollywood awards ceremony

Lady Gaga spoke as one of ELLE’s Women in Hollywood event this week to the tune of mental health and surviving sexual assault.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen died at age 65

The billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, died at age 65 from non-Hodgin's lymphoma on Monday and left a legacy in his wake.

Global warming could double the cost of beer around the world

Recent study outlines how global warming will affect barley yields, posing a threat to the cost of beer if temperatures are not stabilized.

SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts requests ethics review complaints on Kavanaugh

Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts requested an ethics review concerning the conduct of Brett Kavanaugh in the recent controversy over his appointment.

Summer swimming deaths down for 2018

Swimming deaths accounted for a decrease in drownings this summer compared to last but still made up for 148 drownings of children under 15 years old.

Deadliest Flu Season Last Year on Record, Every Demographic Affected

United States experienced the worst and deadliest flu season since 1976 and accounted for over 900,000 flu-related hospitalizations and the death of 181 children.