The partner and family of mountaineer Marc-André Leclerc of Squamish, near Vancouver, thank the community for their support and donations, after traveling to Alaska in the hope that the search may soon resume.

A crowdfunding campaign has already raised more than $20,000 to help the family of Marc-André Leclerc, who hails from Quebec, and his partner, Brette Harrington, to pay for their trip to Alaska, where Marc-André and his climbing partner, Ryan Johnson, went missing on Wednesday.

It’s very appreciated. It’s a difficult situation, but we do not lose hope.

Brette Harrington, partner of Marc-André Leclerc

Unfavorable weather

Bad weather conditions have been a barrier for search and rescue workers. But they will resume at the next opportunity, said Megan Peters, spokesman for the Department of Public Security of Alaska, in an email to Wolf Tribune.

Marc-André Leclerc and his teammate, Ryan Johnson, of Juneau, were helicoptered in the mountains on March 4th. After reaching a summit of the Mendenhall Towers, they made contact with their families, but did not return from their climb as planned.