Christine Hallquist is the first transgender person to run for governor in American history.

Elections in the state of Vermont were held on Tuesday. If Hallquist wins, she will be the nation’s first transgender nominee for the democratic party. This is revolutionary for the transgender community.

She was the former executive of the energy company, Vermont Electric Cooperative. She was the first CEO to transition while she was in her job. “My path to being my authentic self was certainly not easy,” she said during her campaign kickoff.

If she is able to secure her nomination for governor, she will face-off with Republican Gov. Phil Scott, who took a hit from his party recently due to his decision to sign a bill tightening up on gun restrictions in the state.

Though Hallquist voted for Scott in 2016, she is focusing her campaign on political unrest with President Donald Trump.

“We must be bold in the face of the headwinds from Washington,” she said, “We must be bold in the face of continuing unpredictability from Congress, and we must be bold in the face of the chaos from the White House.”

There are over 400 LGBTQ candidates running during this election cycle. Should Hallquist win, it will be historic and inspirational to many members of the LGBTQ community looking for visibility and support in the public eye.