It would appear that astronauts hoping to have longer stay on the moon will be disappointed. A new study proposes that moon dust can be harmful when inhaled, as per Gizmodo. In spite the fact that while ago researchers  proposed that moon dust can be harmful to health but this study is the first which suggested that moon dust can cause cell death and can damage the DNA.

Researchers from Stony Brook University (New York State, USA) showed that moon dust can be lethal for people; it can even cause cancer and genetic alterations.

The analysts concluded that around 90% of the human lung cells and laboratory mouse neurons utilized as a part of their experiment died when they were exposed to particles that form the dust layer of the Moon.

The test was carried out during last year on earth by using stimulated soils which were composed of the same particles as the original ones. However, even in little amount, the lunar dust is lethal and potentially damaged, the examination uncovered, the aftereffects of which are distributed in the diary GeoHealth.

As we are probably aware that moon has no air so it is in a constant contact with particles from the upper layers of the Sun.

Examinations uncovered that the lunar dust murdered the cells of the human lungs with such “efficiency” that the analysts couldn’t even estimate the damage to the DNA. In the meantime, all of the mouse neurons died at once, as well as went under significant genetic changes.