Rad Cat’s raw cat food recalled due to listeria contamination

Rad Cat's Raw Cat food was recalled from pet stores across the country due to a listeria contamination outbreak in a variety of cat foods.

California becomes first state to honor LGBT veterans with memorial

Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 2439 this week, making California the first state to honor LGBT veterans with a memorial in Cathedral City.

Kratom linked to death but advocacy group disagrees

A recent death linked to kratom has conflicting accounts from an advocacy group and the views of a coroner for being the cause of death.

FDA approves generic EpiPen to hit US market

Teva Pharmaceuticals USA gained approval to market a generic version of Mylan’s EpiPen injectors on the market this week, making life-threatening allergies a little more affordable.

FDA approves reusable contraceptive ring

Annovera is the newest contraceptive ring for women of reproductive age, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Watchdog group asks for recall of ‘asbestos-tainted’ Playskool crayons from Dollar...

A consumer watchdog group that monitors products aimed for children issued a report that Playskool crayons found in Dollar Tree stores contained trace amounts of asbestos.

Almond milk recalled due to potential presence of milk

HP Hood LLC, makers of Blue Diamond Vanilla Almond Breeze, announced a voluntary recall of its product last Friday due the potential presence of milk in its non-dairy beverage.

FDA warns against cosmetic vaginal rejuvenation, deceptive marketing practices

FDA issued a public statement against 'vaginal rejuvenation' as a cosmetic treatment for women unhappy with their vaginal performance after childbirth or menopause

CBS board investigating CEO for sexual misconduct allegations

The CBS board of directors is actively investigating its CEO Leslie Moonves after a report in the New Yorker details the accounts of six women who allege sexual misconduct.