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Fergus Jackson was born and raised in Alaska. As an avid hunter, Fergus has contributed to Discovery Magazine, Outdoor Magazine and REI. As a journalist for Wolf Tribune, Fergus mostly covers environmental stories..

Gorilla poop reveals being vegetarian lead to better gut human health

The gut microbiome of great apes fluctuates seasonally, a new survey of gorilla and chimpanzee feces showed. The findings, published this week in the journal Nature Communications, could help scientists better understand the evolution...

Twin Spacecraft to Weigh in on Earth’s Changing Water

The satellites will launch from the launch site in California this month.  Scientists hope that this new twin mission will record successes and help provide a better understanding of the earth. The satellite will carry...

Trump blocks Broadcom hostile bid to Qualcomm

President Donald Trump ordered the Singapore-based company Broadcom to cease its attempts to buy the US company Qualcomm, for which it had launched a hostile takeover of 117 billion dollars . "The proposed absorption of...

Salmon at the center of discussions between Yukon and Alaska

The salmon run in the Yukon River this year heralds a return of stocks, which have recently been particularly weak. Officials meeting this week in Whitehorse remain cautious, however. Salmon in the Yukon River must...