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Global warming could double the cost of beer around the world

Recent study outlines how global warming will affect barley yields, posing a threat to the cost of beer if temperatures are not stabilized.

SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts requests ethics review complaints on Kavanaugh

Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts requested an ethics review concerning the conduct of Brett Kavanaugh in the recent controversy over his appointment.

Summer swimming deaths down for 2018

Swimming deaths accounted for a decrease in drownings this summer compared to last but still made up for 148 drownings of children under 15 years old.

Deadliest Flu Season Last Year on Record, Every Demographic Affected

United States experienced the worst and deadliest flu season since 1976 and accounted for over 900,000 flu-related hospitalizations and the death of 181 children.

CDC reports rates of syphilis doubled, ‘outpacing’ any others STDs in US

The rate of syphilis in the United States doubled in only four years, putting newborn babies at risk of contracting the potentially fatal disease from untreated mothers.

Nationwide recall of beef products manufactured in June, possible E. coli contamination

The USDA and Cargill Meat Solutions announced a nationwide recall of potentially frozen ground beef products due to E. coli contamination in beef manufactured over the summer.

Two transgender women in Wisconsin won insurance ban on state employees seeking surgery

Two transgender women, employees for the state of Wisconsin, won an insurance ban that was prevented their eligibility in seeking gender affirmation surgery.

High levels of lead and copper found in Detroit public schools

Nearly two-thirds of Detroit public schools tested positive for high levels of copper, lead or both in its drinking fountains, leading the superintendent to even shut down the water systems last month.

Pet store puppies linked to antibiotic resistant illness, CDC reports

Over the past two years, pet store puppies were exposed to an antibiotic resistant illness infected over 100 people in multiple states across the country.