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Man lost limbs, nose after contracting rare bacteria found in the mouths of animals

A man contracted a rare disease caused by bacteria in the mouths of animals which subsequently led to a bacterial infection in his blood, causing him to lose limbs and part of his nose.

Pharma exec battles online with FDA over 400% drug price increase

An article about a hike in drug prices for an antibiotic used for urinary tract infections caused a controversy between the president of the company and FDA commissioner.

Unsterilized ‘vampire facial’ closes New Mexico spa

A spa performing 'vampire facials' was closed in New Mexico after an inspection revealed it was practicing in a way that could expose clients to blood-borne infections.

Group claims HPV vaccination recommendations incomplete, lacks half clinical trials conducted

Researchers debate the validity of an HPV vaccination review because they claim half the clinical trials missing are important in assessing the safety of the vaccination for children.

US Border Patrol agent arrested in connection to four murders

A Border Patrol agent was arrested in connection with four murders, one of which was a transgender woman, in Laredo over the weekend.

Children’s Advil recalled due to mismatched dosage cup and instructions

One lot of Children's Advil was recalled across the United States due to incorrect labeling instructions for the dosage cup which could cause a potential overdose if overlooked.

Details emerge about gunman that killed two people at Jacksonville video game tournament

The state of Florida experienced yet another mass shooting this past weekend when gunman David Katz opened fired on an e-sports tournament in Jacksonville on Sunday before turning the gun on himself.

Russian bots involved in fueling anti-vaccination debate

Sophisticated Twitter bots originating from Russia were found to have fueled the debate between Americans on whether or not they should vaccinate their children between 2014 and 2017.

Rad Cat’s raw cat food recalled due to listeria contamination

Rad Cat's Raw Cat food was recalled from pet stores across the country due to a listeria contamination outbreak in a variety of cat foods.